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23 June 2009 @ 06:40 pm

sigh. i wish i could make this shirt. :))

this will be my last public post in this damn journal. after this i shall post everything for friends only. okay maybe not everything it depends on my mood. well you get my point.

i'm starting to f-lock some of my entries because i think not everyone should be reading about it. i really just want to rant. that's all.

i'm excited to use those beautiful F.O banners i've been saving after locking my entries. finally. hahaha.

now, i shall look for some layouts.

thank you bumweh  for letting me bum in your house and listen to my rants today. haha. lezzgooo look for a job now. haha! miss you!

Current Mood: thankfulthankful
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03 May 2009 @ 07:48 pm
after a year of not getting any haircut.. behold! i have a new hairdo!

bye bye long hair of mine! XD
Tada! new hairstyle and color XDCollapse )

i've been wanting this hairstyle since i got in to these japanese fandom but since my school was strict about hair colors and i was that obedient to follow those rules. now i'm not a student anymore and my office is not really strict on these things.. so here.. XD i like my hairstyle, its so japanese/korean. haha the people around the house is been telling me that i look like i came from another country. haha! well i have chinese blood soo.. XD as for the highlights, i was kind a worried a while ago that it may not look good on me but i love it! wohoo!

finally, a new hairstyle. a new look.

Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
28 April 2009 @ 01:33 pm

Sorry, Sorry is on repeat in my ipod. idk why. UGH.

maybe i'm sick? and i need some upbeat song?

uh no.

ah. i'm tempted to watch the mv again but noo i'm at work =/

just a little bit more practice i can sing and dance the infectious song.

i'm sick and i'm drinking coke. can't resist, my office mate gave it to me because it's her birthday today. poor throat of mine. ugh. i don't want to be sick. its summer! WTH.

2 more days before my first real salary. YAY! i will have money after two weeks! LOL.

what to buy on the first salary?



Shooreeeeeeeeh... eeeh. oh Kyuhun. ♥

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Sorry Sorry remake by Royal Pirates. wow. what's new?
18 April 2009 @ 10:54 pm
i want to go food trip.


i have nothing sensible to do.

i've been sleeping almost the whole day. argh. the weather here is very unbelievably effin' hot and i freakin' hate it.

this is a very very boring saturday.

Current Mood: boredbored
12 April 2009 @ 04:14 pm
*gives colorful eggs to everyone*

my half body is sore. specifically my right arm and leg. i got sunburn on it. its funny because only half of my body is burned. haha.then the other half is normal. we went on the beach last friday til saturday afternoon. upon arrival i kinda slept under a nipa hut. only half of my body was shaded so i'm half burned. lol.

it was nice going to the beach! :3 hopefully we could go back after a month.^^v i have semi-work but i'll be thinking over it again. i'm planning to work where i did my ojt. i'm not yet sure because my chinese boss didnt give me any specific amount regarding my salary. so tomorrow i'll be getting my offer letter and i hope it will be a good one. if not, i won't spend my one year working with a bad salary. he wants me to work for him about a year which is not good because a good offer may come within that time frame and i cannot accept it because of the bond contract. so i really have to think it over.

i'm again managing the shop and my feet hurts. :( anyway, i'm busy playing this jamlegend. it's soo addicting! haha! try it! XD in a while i'll be watching Super Junior's Full House. i miss Heechul. XD

Current Mood: goodgood
04 April 2009 @ 04:10 pm

i am alive! after 3 days of no connection because the stupid people at PLDT are bored and they have nothing to do but to "fix" the wires here. anyway, we has internet! hahaha! LOL.

i have a part time job! so yay! XD i had my interview last thursday. it was funny interview because we have to read a script and be videotaped. haha. anway, i am an event marshall. if you are asking me what the hell is that job basically i'll be assisting in an event. hmm. as of now i'll be dealing with kids so its fun. atleast. haha. then on monday i'll be having a meeting with my old boss. we will talk about my future work at his office and his offer of course. it should be a good offer or else, i have to job hunt in Makati to have a decent job. i'm eyeing on this account executive position that my friend refered. the salary may not be that big but the commission is good. so i have to apply there before or after holy week. hopefully, they are still open.

my days of being bum will soon end. i think i'm going to miss this. XD

my family and i will be out of town this coming Holy Thursday and Good Friday. we'll be at a beautiful beach resort somewhere in Batangas. i cannot wait! XD

hope you guys a great weekend ahead:) i might get a haircut tomorrow. yayness! XD

i might look korean again. lol. *bang! bang!*

until now, i'm still confused on how to use last.fm here at lj. DX

sorry for the another lame post XD

Current Mood: managing the compshop
Current Music: sorry sorry- suju
28 March 2009 @ 11:40 pm
it's been a week that i've been bumming around. i'm doing nothing that leads me to spacing out frequently. haha. well, its not that i have nothing to do but i'm really lazy to clean my stuff. haha. i think the most significant activity i did this week was a lovely lunch with my high school friends and we end up gossiping and watched a movie.

hmm.. also, i've been spazzing them koreans. LOL. yes its true and i dunno why! i cannot resist them hotness. haha! DBSK aka Tohoshinki and SUJU aka Super Junior are the koreans i've been spazzing for a week now. hahaha.

anyway, plurk is keeping me up so i won't really get bored. hmm, i've been planning to "job hunt" next week so after the holy week i have a job. but first i really have to finish editing my thesis and have it hardbound so i could have my transcript of records if its on hold. haha. lazy much eh? and also, i should work on my passport. hmm i gotta find some money too. lol.  so there an update of my not so fun life. haha.

i've been hearing lady gaga's just dance for the nth time now. thanks to my gayish brother. =)) joke! haha.
Current Mood: blahbummed
Current Music: just dance
22 March 2009 @ 11:55 pm
i has graduated!

i got my diploma!

5 minutes from now i'll be a bummer!

haha. kidding!

congrats to us SSC batch 2009!

i'll still be in school this coming week. haha!:D

i ♥ you guys!=3

Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Current Music: insomnia- craig david
21 March 2009 @ 12:03 am
so it's a saturday here.. technically yesterday was our Baccalaureate Mass. my last school mass and also my last day that i wore my uniform. it's kinda sad but i'm not that mushy okay.. i don't want pleyr_04  throw tomatoes at me for being emo again! lol. love you!:D so anyway, the mass was okay. the priest had a good homily even if i was kinda sleepy. it was also the day were all the people i knew brought their cameras and took pictures until their battery is drained. haha okay, i'm exaggerating:p

after the mass, we had our little program. it was an agape and the awarding of the best thesis from different courses. the program was okay except that the avp that was made that supposedly for the graduates is kinda biased to a certain courses. nyahaha. anyway i actually don't care 'cause we marketing students were busy outside school due to our on the job training:p after that i went to my friend's house and had a lovely u.b.e XD

i went home kinda early and i did nothing. i just hanged-out at our computer shop. and great, i'm still here. i thought i could sleep early, but thanks to the hot weather i can't stay in our room. its soo freaking hot. argh. so to entertain myself i watched DBSK's Dangerous love. (this is the part 1) IT.WAS.SO.DAMN.FUNNY. i tell you! hahahaha. okay, it's korean but what the heck, they are so hot i can't resist! nyahaha! yes, they are my guilty pleasures as of the moment and i love them to bits. nyahaha.

so anyway, i need to go somewhere tomorrow and i will not stand staying here at home! but i think it would be difficult for me to go out since the people here are very superstitious and i feel that they won't allow me to go out because graduating students are accident prone. :|

i'm doomed.

i wish i could go to america for the VAMPS tour. lucky to those people in my f-list who lives there. please, kiss HYDE and K.A.Z for me. =3

Current Mood: boredbored to death.
Current Music: survivor-tohoshinki
16 March 2009 @ 10:42 pm
wow. it's been a month since i last updated here! i had no inspiration during that time that's why i was not writing/updating anything. NYAHAHA. joke! i was kind a lazy i guess. after the defense, i was too over joyed that i could rest and slack my ass off. haha. after that actually we had our finals and the event. our class event was successful! yay! for us! even if i had to spend a lot of money just to fucking pass that effin' subject. haha. anyway.. that's soo 2 weeks ago.. i am soo done with college.

now, we have our grad practices. today was the first day. i am so bored to death. i swear. i am dying. i really can't use my ipod because it might get confiscated and i will die without my Hiroto bebe-chan. so anyway, 7:30am-7:00pm was our schedule.. 11 hours of nonsense practicing that eventually the grad itself, mistakes will surely occur. sigh. i am too obedient. i actually have a choice not to attend the graduation rites but it will kill me more if i stay here at home,so might as well be with my blockmates. same time again tomorrow then on wednesday until 9:00pm! gasp! help me lord!

the graduation rites will be this coming sunday march 22,2009 4:00pm-8:30pm. yes, you guys are invited! lol. just pm me if you want invites. hehe.

on friday will be the last day that i will wear my college uniform ever for our baccalaureate mass. i will surely miss wearing those weird uniforms. hehe. i won't be able to use school related activities anymore for my sleepovers, gigs etc. OMG.


sigh. this is so surreal.

please someone tell me this is not happening. :|

*runs and gone emo*

Current Mood: tiredtired and emo.